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Minimally invasive, lower-cost gynecologic and fertility care

Our Platform

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Butterfly Fertiloscope


Next-Gen Hysteroscope for fertility preservation (egg freezing) and  treatment of infertility (non-surgical IVF)

Our technology is non-surgical egg or embryo capture. We stimulate a woman's ovaries to create not one but many eggs.

We then cause release of those eggs through natural ovulation into the fallopian tubes and finally into the uterus, where we capture them using a proprietary lavage procedure.

Butterfly Uteroscope


Next-Gen Hysteroscope for Diagnostic and Operative Uterine Care.

Our Platform can be set up to perform targeted biopsy, diagnostic hysteroscopy, or operative hysteroscopy.

The onboard visualization system displays real-time video, recording+playback functions, and connects to external monitors.

If an issue is detected, Uteroscope can be configured to perform treatment based procedures to resolve the issues real time. Procedures include  polyp, cyst or fibroid removal, septoplasty, IUD removal, removal of retained products of conception, or endometrial ablation.

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Butterfly Uterocare System ®

Butterfly Uterocare® integrates visualization and fluid management technologies to perform intrauterine procedures safely, and quickly for optimum effectiveness and maximum patient comfort.

Fertility Care

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Egg Retrieval

Non-surgical egg retrieval from the uterus for egg freezing and/or IVF.

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Embryo Retrieval

 In-vivo fertilized embryo retrieval from the uterus for freezing, LGBT-Q fertility, and low-cost genetic screening.

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Directed or General Tissue Biopsy

Biopsy-specific pathologies in the uterus- reduce false negatives.

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Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

Easily identify intrauterine abnormalities that may be causing pain, abnormal bleeding, or infertility.

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Operative Hysteroscopy

Immediately treat abnormalities through Butterfly’s extended suite of tools, ablation devices, and tissue removal system.

Gynecologic Care

Our areas of focus
in women’s healthcare

Flexible: A single, highly-configurable Platform solution and Suite that enables world-class fertility or gynecologic care in office and operative settings.

Safe: Designed for optimal ease-of-use by physicians, minimal invasiveness, and maximize patient comfort.

Easy: can be set up and used in minutes with quick-turn patient visits completed in less than ½ hour.


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