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We are here to modernize
reproductive care

 Fertility care made easy 

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In-office process

Champions the move to local doctor’s offices without the need or expense of a specialized clinic.

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More efficient

Eliminates the need for surgery and associated specialists/costs: surgical theater, anesthesia, etc.

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Creates a game-changing

low-cost alternative to

traditional IVF.

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Opens and expands multiple, global universally-unserved fertility and infertility markets.

Our mission

Develop novel technologies enabling everyone to access safe, effective, and affordable fertility and gynecologic care.

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Our technology 

Our unique technology enables an enhanced IVF clinical experience. Through visualization, tip articulation, device miniaturization, and AI/ML driven intrauterine insights, we simplify the process of performing intrauterine procedures and enhance the patient experience. 

Butterfly is focused on optimizing embryo implantation through our visual embryo transfer system which provides direct visualization of catheter placement in the uterus, and by reducing risk of undetected pathologies that might otherwise lead to failed IVF cycles. 

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Our trajectory

We are currently pre-market and have reached a minimum viable product for our product utilizations of embryo transfer and visual saline infusion sonography. 

Commercialization will commence in 2025 upon FDA 510K clearance. 

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Be part of the transformation

If you’re interested in joining our mission and starting transforming women's health.

We'd love to hear from you.

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