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We are here to modernize  
reproductive care 


Worlds first: non surgical IVF

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Delivers the world’s first

non-surgical fertility/infertility diagnostics and treatment that can be done by any Ob/Gyn physician

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Champions the move to local doctor’s offices without the need or expense of a specialized clinic.

Eliminates the need for surgery and associated specialists/costs: surgical theater, anesthesia, etc.

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Provides women with safe, easy, and effective uterine care and a much-enhanced treatment experience.

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Creates a game-changing

low-cost alternative to

traditional IVF.

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Opens and expands multiple, global universally-unserved fertility and infertility markets.

Our mission

Deliver the world’s first non-surgical platform for fertility (egg/embryo retrieval) and uterine diagnostics and treatment.


We see a world where everyone can access safe, effective, and affordable fertility and gynecologic care.

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Our technology 

Our unique technology is IP-protected with 11 US patents, 1 foreign–issued patent, and 12 patents pending, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use in-office solution for the majority of intrauterine procedures.

We have created the world’s first non-surgical fertility Platform and treatments that will transform and expand fertility care by making treatments available through the network of tens of thousands of Ob/Gyn physicians in the US and around the world.

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Our trajectory

We are currently pre-market and post-pivotal study. Our Platform is fully validated for its intended uses, and we are currently undergoing regulatory approval and development of our manufacturing capability.

We anticipate FDA regulatory for gynecologic care in 2023, approval for gynecologic and fertility care in Europe in early 2024, and full approval in the USA for fertility care in late 2024. 

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Be part of the transformation

If you’re interested in joining our mission and starting transforming women's health.

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