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Transforming reproductive healthcare.

It’s time to make high-quality fertility and gynecologic care more affordable, less invasive, and globally accessible to all.
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Every woman should have access to effective, safe, and affordable health care.

Fertility care has not kept up with technology and scientific advances. 

Butterfly’s UteroCare is a single-platform solution that will allow all gynecologists to see and treat uterine, fertility or diagnostic needs easily and safely with a significantly improved patient experience.


Effective, affordable, and safe 

At Butterfly Biosciences, we have created a single Platform that can diagnose and treat most conditions that impact gynecologic and reproductive health.

By creating an in-office solution that replaces surgery, we empower 35,000 US-based Ob/Gyns (over 60,000 globally) to perform the majority of operative-based intrauterine treatments with less invasive, less expensive, and more effective treatment sets.

One platform. Many treatment sets.

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Every physician’s office.

While our system can be used in both surgical and non-surgical settings, our Suite is designed for in-office utilization for maximum ease, low cost, and consistently safe, effective results.

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Easy to use and manage.

Ergonomics are optimized for ease of physician use and a small, easy-to-manage presence in the physician’s office.

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Comprehensive safety and multiple uses.

Comprehensive safety features include fluid deficit monitoring, intrauterine pressure management, and visualization at the hysteroscope and fluid management system for maximum control, patient safety, and multiple diagnostics and treatments.

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We are a renowned, multinational, and multidisciplinary team with the same vision.

We create an empathetic, determined, and creative team that seeks to improve the health conditions of women.

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Press & Articles


First PGT-A using human in vivo blastocysts recovered by uterine lavage: comparison with matched IVF embryo controls.

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Scientific Publication


Embryologists vs Robots.

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Scientific Publication

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Scientific Publication

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In vivo lavage (IVL): clinical uses and a new option for fertility preservation.

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