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Minimally invasive capture of human eggs & embryos from the uterus for treatment of infertility & fertility preservation

Our Mission

Deliver the world's first non-surgical platform for egg/embryo capture and diagnostics.

With our procedure, device and tools, a surgical procedure is not needed;  this approach can allow for both specialist REI and primary care Ob/Gyn physicians to offer a new, more natural and lower cost option for fertility care.


With Butterfly physicians can perform diagnostics to identify causes of infertility, identify genetic issues associated with infertility, identify and avoid passing on inherited disease to children, treat infertility and perform fertility preservation of either eggs or embryos for use later in life.

We see a world where everyone has access to effective, affordable and safe fertility care. 

Butterfly.Bio Lavage System
(Controller, Catheter, Lavage Fluid)
Blastocyst Recovered
(Butterfly IUL Procedure)

Our Technology

Non Surgical Egg & Embryo Capture

Our technology is non surgical egg or embryo capture. We stimulate a woman's ovaries to create not one but many eggs. 


We then cause release of those eggs through natural ovulation into the fallopian tubes and finally into the uterus, where we capture them using a proprietary lavage procedure. that can be performed by any doctor.  

Proven Technology

Our Technology is proven effective for embryo capture, and has been reproduced by groups in Europe, Mexico and the United States in multiple clinical trials.

Our current focus is creation of a proof of concept for oocyte (egg) retrieval; we are developing detailed procedures, methods and modified devices to be able to insure that both REI fertiliity specialists and Ob/Gyn physicians can consistently and reliably recover viable eggs to cryopreserve for later use or treat infertility.

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We seek industry partnerships and like minded players in fertility.

Our desire is to be one of many companies that can work together to recreate fertility care.  If you're a company in the space interested in shaking up the status quo to transform fertility into an easy and accessible form of care, please reach out!

If you'd like to learn more or partner, we'd love to hear from you:

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