Intra-Uterine Lavage (IUL)

IUL can be used to facilitate embryo capture from the uterus;  recovery is done non invasively through a simple outpatient procedure that takes 10 minutes.  Embryos can then be preserved for later use, screened genetically to address infertilty for genetic reasons, faciliate surrogacy or be used for same sex couples to allow for partenthood.

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Can be used for oocyte (egg) capture also.

By removing the fertilization step in the procedure described above, oocyte capture can be done.  Eggs can then be cryopreserved for later use - with this approach a large footprint of primary care Ob/Gyn physicians can easily perform fertility preservation.

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Safe and More Natural

Embryo or egg capture via (IUL) Intra-Uterine Lavage is more natural because maturation of embryos or eggs happens in the body.  This procedure is safe because there is no anethesia or surgical step required.