Moses Cesario

Chief Executive Officer

Moses Cesario is a genetic sciences/biotech executive with over 25 years of experience in commercialization of products and services in the biotech space with successful M&A events in the areas of genetic diagnostics, medical device and bioinformatics.

Moses’ particular interest is in commercialization of genetic science-based products and services. Prior experience is in bioinformatics and diagnostics that characterize disease within differentiated human cell types (Affymetrix, Inc., Neomorphic, Inc.). Most recently he has been focused on genetic implications of human gametes and embryos (, Previvo Genetics, Inc.). With non-surgical access to the human oocyte and embryo, genetic and non-genetic assessment of these cells can be performed to define competence in the ability to establish a successful pregnancy. Clinically, these technologies can be used to address infertility and perform fertility preservation.

Previously Moses served as CEO of Previvo Genetics, Inc., the company that developed uterine lavage, which is now being commercialized by (acquired Previvo Genetics, Inc. November 2021). Moses also served as CIO and Vice President at Affymetrix, Inc. (acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific) and COO of Neomorphic, Inc. (acquired by Affymetrix, Inc.).

Moses has a B.A from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis on Computational Bioinformatics from Golden Gate University and a business certificate from Stanford University (SEP, Stanford Executive Program).

Moses Cesario