About Us

Butterfly Biosciences has brought together top clinicians, academics, and entrepreneurs in reproductive medicine to redefine the future of IVF through non surgical IUL (intra-uterine lavage)

Butterfly Biosciences Team

Victoria Pita Araiza, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

Moses Cesario

Chief Executive Officer

Shugiey Medina, RN

Clinical Research Nurse

Dr. Steven T Nakajima

Chief Science Officer

Jose Luis Rivas Aguilar, MD

Medical Director

Sandra Llerena Legaspi, MD

Cycles Coordinator

Alexander Nadal

Chief Operating Officer

Ricardo Peraza, PhD

Head of Research

Paola Arguelo Castaneda

Clinical Embryologist

Thelma Macaso

Director of Embryology

Dr. Sam Najmabadi

Chief Medical Officer

Melissa Cantos Schrage

Marketing Coordinator

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Marlane Angle, PhD, HCLD/CC(ABB)

Marlane Angle, PhD, HCLD/CC(ABB)

Lab Director, Laurel Fertility

Klaus Wiemer, PhD

Klaus Wiemer, PhD

Lab Director, Poma Fertility

Santiago Munne, PhD

Santiago Munne, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer, Overture Life

Our Investors


Homu Health Ventures